These Bikers Make It Their Mission To Help Abused Kids Feel Safe And Not Alone

Everyone needs to feel safe in their lives, and that’s especially true of abused children. Helping children feel safe is the core mission of Bikers Against Child Abuse International (BACA), a group of bikers who have come together to help empower children who have suffered emotional, physical and sexual abuse and reassure them they are not alone.

In the video below, Badd Bob, Blade, Hammer and Doc P join “Emotional Mojo” to talk about their organization and the important work they do.

The men explain how the group got started and how they help children who have suffered abuse feel safe and protected. How they initiate children to become a BACA member is equally touching.

“If they become a BACA child, part of the ceremony is that we all — all these bikers standing around — take this bear and give it a hug in order to tell the child that we’re filling it with courage and love…And that if it ever gets empty or they ever need us back again, we’ll come back and fill it up again,” explains Doc P.

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