4 Month Old Baby Found Alive After Trapped In Nepal Earthquake Rubble For Over 22 Hours

The tragedies in Nepal’s Katmandu continue to grow as more time passes since the deadly earthquake struck on April 25, 2015. But a glimmer of good news came today after a 4-month-old baby was found alive in the rubble.

Kathmandu Today is reporting that the Nepalese Army initially left the site, thinking the infant had not survived.

But when the boy’s father heard a baby’s cries hours later he knew there was a chance his son was still alive. The next morning, rescuers came back and located him.

The soldiers pulled the infant from beneath the debris where he had been trapped for at least 22 hours. Remarkably,the baby was reportedly fine and with no serious injuries.

This wonderful news is spreading quickly, as millions of people in Nepal are still in desperate need of emergency relief. Worldwide emergency aid efforts continue in order to deliver critical supplies and medical attention to survivors. Hopefully, with all of the heroes working to help those affected, we’ll hear more miraculous stories like this.

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