Amazing Dog Survived Years Of Horror And Emerged Only Wanting Love

This dog’s rescue story is one of survival, courage and redemption! Bulletproof Sam (aka Champion Sam) is a dogfighting survivor. He was rescued along with 16 other dogs in Jacksonville, Florida in February, 2012.

The American Pit Bull Terrier fought in the illegal, barbaric “sport” for most of his life and somehow managed to survive. His face bears the scars of his hard-won survival.


What amazed his rescuers was how gentle Sam was, despite the years of abuse he endured. He had lost a portion of his face and most of his teeth. He was found locked in an underground cage.


When he was freed, he met his rescuers with a wagging tail and just wanted to be hugged. Chris Schindler from the Humane Society of the United States said, “He is a sweet dog who just wants to curl up on your lap.”


Sam was nicknamed “Bulletproof Sam” after his rescue because he endured years of horror and emerged only wanting to be loved. He went to Hello Bully, a Pit bull rescue organization in Pennsylvania, where he was given lots of love and care.


A year and a bit after his rescue, Sam found a forever home! On April 19, 2013 Sam has was officially adopted by a family who regularly volunteers for Hello Bully.


His amazing parents, April and and John, and their two kids Andrue, and Allyson (along with their Boxer dog and Bernese Mountain dog),  had been fostering him and eventually realized they “couldn’t imagine” life without him!


At his new home, Sam has plenty of space to roam about and has  his very own couch and room to nap and relax in. Most importantly, he has a family who loves him.


Here’s a wonderful video by HSUS of Sam’s initial rescue.

Sam has won many hearts of animal lovers across the world. Visit his Facebook page to find out more.

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