Severely Wounded Dog Collapsed In Sewage Drain On Brink Of Death Until Rescuers Found Her

“If ever there was an animal on the brink of death, it was this sweet girl when we rescued her.” That’s what Animal Aid Unlimited, India surmised when they first saw Shanti lying in a sewage drain. The dog was emaciated and had a massive wound on the side of her neck infested with maggots. She was too sick to get out of the sewage water she had fallen in.

“She was utterly hopeless and had we not been able to rescue her just then, she would have certainly died right there in that drain, possibly within just another hour or two,” said the animal rescue charity. But the rescuers thought they would try and save her and brought her back to their shelter.

“It was an uphill battle to get her strong enough to eat on her own, to stand and to heal,” they wrote. But after 6 weeks of treatment, Shanti made a miraculous recovery!

Warning: video contains graphic imagery of Shanti’s wounds and may not be suitable for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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