Neighbor's Dog Kept Jumping To Peek Over Woman's Fence, So She Comes Up With Clever Solution

Neighbor’s Dog Kept Jumping To Peek Over Woman’s Fence, So She Comes Up With Clever Solution

Dogs are naturally curious and like to see what’s going on around them. So when you build a fence, dogs will try lots of different things to thwart them.

For Jennifer Bowman, her neighbor’s dog wanted to see into her yard, so the curious canine kept on jumping to get a better view. Being slightly annoyed by the dog’s behavior, Jennifer came up with a clever solution.

“My neighbors German Shepherd is super curious about the goings on in our yard. She jumps to peek over the fence all day long,” Jennifer writes. “I made her a peeking spot and I think she really likes it.”

“Now we see her little nose and brown eyes peeping at us while we play,” Jennifer continues. “She’s actually a very shy dog so I think she appreciates that she can peep without to much exposure. I cannot stop laughing over how flippin cute she is!”

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