Woman Finds Paraplegic Stray Dog On Thai Beach And Brings Him Home

Woman Finds Paraplegic Stray Dog On Thai Beach And Brings Him Home

When Meagan Penman was on holiday in Thailand she came across a pitiful sight and knew she had to act. A puppy was dragging his hind legs on the beach. He was starving and covered in ticks.

It was clear to Meagan that the pup would not survive long without help so she contacted several of the local animal rescues in the area, but none could take him.

Here’s a video Meagan took of Leo on the Thai beach.

Meagan decided she could not leave the dog, who she named Leo, behind and wanted to bring him back to Canada.

Help Save Leo

She set up a fundraising campaign online in an effort to cover the expenses needed to bring him home and get the veterinary care he needed and a foster home.

“I wasn’t in a position to take a dog like this because of my job/living situation but there was no way I was going to leave him there,” wrote Meagan. “Leo’s [Facebook] page caught Jamie’s attention and she said she would be interested in taking him because she has the time but would need help with the financials.

Help Save Leo

“Right now we are focusing on his recovery and settling,” Meagan continued. “She is a really awesome person and I am very happy that he ended up with her. I am by no means a professional dog rescuer but I could not have left him there so I did what I could to get him home. This truly was a group effort and I really appreciate all of the support.”

Just to clarify with some of the new people to this page

when I found Leo on the beach I had originally contacted many…

Posted by Help Save Leo onĀ Thursday, November 20, 2014

Soon after Leo arrived in Canada, foster mom Jaime posted an update. writing:

“For all those wondering how Leo is doing… I’m fostering Leo and we are really enjoying each other’s company. This is a pic of us at the park yesterday where he made a few human and dog friends. He is on medication for his bladder infection/stones and on a new prescription diet. Fortunately, he loves his new food and is eating well! No more treats are allowed but he loves his “meatballs” that I make with the wet food. Hoping to get his new wheels by the end of the week. So far he is fitting in great in Sarnia [Ontario] but the wheels will make life even better. He is so grateful to everyone who has supported him. He seems to love Canada and everyone here. He is just so darn friendly and lovable.”

Thanks to the wonderful support Leo received online, his vet expenses were completely covered, and he will be well-looked after in his new life in Canada.

It’s amazing the difference Meagan made in Leo’s life by taking the time to care! And that’s not all. Jaime became a foster “failure” and became Leo’s full-time mom.

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