Woman Builds The Perfect Tiny House In One Of The World's Most Expensive Cities

Woman Builds The Perfect Tiny House In One Of The World’s Most Expensive Cities

The Canadian city of Vancouver was recently named the second-most unaffordable city in the world. But that’s not such a big problem for Isabella, who decided a small house was the way to go.

She hired a builder, spent $39,000 and recently moved into the 186 square feet (17.25 meters) home with her two cats. She christened her home “Thousand Crow” and shared photos of the awesome space with Reshareworthy.com.

This is Isabella’s tiny house, Thousand Crow, with her finished front porch!


 This is an earlier temporary front porch with a Welcome Whale.


She hired John from Camera Buildings to construct the home. 


It’s built to be mobile!


It came together nicely! Ready to see the fully-finished interior?


Shuttered windows let sunshine and natural light stream in. This is the view facing the mezzanine end of the space. 


The Galley kitchen has a double sink. The smaller sink is a wash basin for washing hands and brushing your teeth, etc. 


The aqua chrome cabinet contains toiletries, medicines etc.


A small fridge and utility closet is on the left of the kitchen gallery. The utility closet handily stories brooms, kitty litter box and cleaning items. Wait, litter box?


With two cats she had to put it somewhere. Isabella solved the dreaded litter box issue by having a computer fan built in that sucks in the stinky air through the periscope vent and sends it out through the floor under the house. 


Dinner (yummy eggplant) can be cooked in the toaster oven. Isabella’s oven and her  portable induction burner live in cabinets under the counter until she need to use them.


Above the kitchen is a shelf to hold books and plants. And a spare chair.


Back in the Mezzanine area you wouldn’t think it at first, but a  queen bed is stowed in a drawer underneath.


Presto! The bed!


Pull out the bed a bit more, go wild with the pillows and the sheepskin, and a decadent couch appears. The cat is partially astounded.


The mezzanine also has additional storage beneath the floor. One holds DVDs. Another holds books, and a third stashes a scanner and keyboard.


There’s also a nice built-in bench seat (where Mr. Octopus is).


Pull out the bed a bit to pop open the bench seating to get the bedding. That glimmer of blue behind the upright bench lid is the duvet bed.


On the left is a handy bookshelf. 


At the very far end wall of the mezzanine is another closet, specifically designed to hold Rubbermaid totes. 


On the opposite end of the room is a clothes closet.


It perfectly fits an IKEA Malm dresser.


Next is the full bathroom with shower, toilet and windows!


The shower is a decent 24″ by 27″ and it even has a scenic view. 


The composting toilet uses peat moss.


Fortune Cat waves goodbye, and hopes you have enjoyed your tour of Thousand Crow.


Read more about Isabella’s tiny house on her blog here.