Disabled Dog Is So Excited To Meet A New Friend

Super Scooty is a dog with disabilities whose favorite way of getting around is by “scooting”. She was rescued as a puppy in Mexico and brought to California to live the best life possible. She may have been hit by a car when she was young, which left her with fractured hips and a damaged spine.

Her back legs may not work so well, but that doesn’t slow her down. She loves being active, sociable and meeting new friends, as you’ll see in this adorable clip posted to her Instagram page.

In it, she’s hanging out at a local brewery that allows pets, and when she sees another dog, she can’t wait to go over and say “hello”.

Her human writes, “Because this clip deserved its own post…Scooty SO excited to greet dogs coming into the brewery.”

Click on the image/press play to watch the clip below.

It should be noted that Scooty does have her own wheelchair, she just doesn’t always use it to get around, preferring to scoot.

As you’ll see in this clip she can “hop” run.

Click on the image/press play to watch the clip below.

She’s a very happy dog, loves to play, and is living life to the fullest!

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