Shelter Dog Nobody Wants Has Spent Almost Her Whole Life Waiting For A Home

A shelter dog named Jessica has spent almost her entire life waiting to find a human who will love her. She has been adopted multiple times, only to be returned to the shelter through no fault of her own. But the continual hope, followed by rejection, is taking its toll on the poor four-and-a-half year old pup.

Second Chance Rescue is hoping her luck will change.

Jessica arrived at a New York shelter back in 2013 after she came in as a stray. She already had given birth to a litter of puppies and she was covered with mange. Her fur was a patchwork of white among her raw white skin.

She was put on the euthanasia list because of her health problems, but Second Chance Rescue saved her.

What followed was a series of adoptions followed by heartbreak, after the families that adopted Jessica, returned her a few months or days later. One time it was because of newborn babies coming into the home, another time it was because of breed discrimination – the family learned they couldn’t have pit bulls at their housing.

Jessica Needs a New Home

Another family who adopted her didn’t follow Second Chance’s instructions that she be the only dog in the home and endangered her.

“This is a very hard post to write because Jessica is such a wonderful dog and the bad luck she’s had is so incredibly unfair,” the rescue wrote at the time. “Long story short, the people who adopted Jessica last were explicitly told that she cannot interact with other dogs and one of the people in the household allowed her to do just that. For her safety, Jessica had to be removed from the home. She then went to a wonderful foster who unfortunately is having some medical issues so Jessica had to go back to boarding.”

Jessica Needs a New Home

Now Jessica is in boarding near Newburgh, New York, and still in need of a home.

“When she was…returned the second time, I think she was definitely affected by that,” Cassiah Ward, a volunteer with Second Chance Rescue, told the Dodo. “I saw pictures of her, and she just looked sad. Even for the most resilient dog (and she’s pretty resilient), I can’t imagine being bounced around that much.”

Jessica Needs a New Home

“She needs to be the only pet, but I think that there’s a misconception that she’s wild and crazy, but she’s really not,” Ward said. “And even though she can’t be around other dogs…she doesn’t go crazy when she sees another dog. If you pass at a distance, she feels comfortable and just ignores them.”

Jessica Needs a New Home

Jessica loves people, and is excellent at agility, mental challenges and has excellent says Second Chance Rescue. “Jessica’s house manners are impeccable: no accidents, no chewing, no barking, and she’s completely crate-trained. She will sit down and graciously wait for her food until you tell her it is okay, and she takes treats very gently as well.”

“She loves cuddling up next to you on the couch and is happy to lie there for hours while you scratch her belly or rub her head,” they write. “Jessica will be a loyal companion, always by your side!”

Jessica Needs a New Home

“She even knows tricks to earn those treats and loves learning new ones (and the praise that comes with it)! Her leash manners are equally impressive. She politely sits as you put on her collar and leash and is always up for a walk!”

“She has been professionally trained and when out will walk by your side politely on the leash the entire time. Jessica is also an amazing running buddy. She’s athletic and fast, but also happy to trot along at a leisurely pace while you jog.”

Jessica Needs a New Home

Jessica must be the only pet and preferably would be in an adult-only home or a home with older teens. She is wonderful with kids but really thrives off of calm energy.

Her rescuers are hoping the right family is out there for her. If you are interested, contact New York Second Chance Rescue or visit her listing for more details.

Second Chance Rescue has many other dogs like Jessica who need a family to love and are always in need of foster families.

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