Motorcyclist Dressed As Santa Chases Down Hit-And-Run Driver In Dramatic Video

Motorcyclist Dressed As Santa Chases Down Hit-And-Run Driver In Dramatic Video

A Youtube star dressed up as Santa Claus helped stop a hit-and-run driver trying to flee the scene of the crime. The motorcyclist, known as CHRIS-RS, witnessed a pedestrian get hit by a driver running a red light in Paris.

He was riding his bike and turning at an intersection when his dash-cam catches the black car hitting an elderly woman (said to be walking with a cane) in a crosswalk.

He attempts to get the driver to stop and successfully cuts her off. But as soon as he dismounts his bike, the driver speed off. He jumps back on his bike and speeds after her. What follows is a crazy chase through the streets of Paris.

At several points, it seems the YouTuber might be successful in stopping the black Renault Clio. But the driver keeps trying to escape, weaving through traffic and forcing “Father Christmas” to give chase.

The driver is so reckless that at one point the Clio drives on the wrong side of the road to get away.

Finally, it looks like CHRIS-RS might have the jump on her, pulling ahead and flagging down two policemen on motorbikes. But still the driver continues to try and flee, forcing the police to put on their sirens and chase after her.

The YouTuber keeps up with the police until finally the perpetrator is pulled over at 4:26. The driver only stops and gets out of the car after one cop points a gun at her through the car window!

In a notice just before the video starts, CHRIS-RS warns viewers that it is intended to show “what not to do”, and that “not stopping after an accident is an offence”.

He says that it’s actually important to stop someone after a hit-and-run because the person inside may not actually own the car.

“When I got up this morning, I did not imagine I would be doing this,” he adds at the end of the video. Since releasing the video, CHRIS-RS has received applause from viewers around the globe. He’s even been nicknamed “Père Noël justicier” (Vigilante Father Christmas).

Watch this Santa get justice in the video below.