Sweet Puppy Dragging 6-pound Tumor And Dumped At Shelter To Be Put Down Gets A Second Chance

Sweet Puppy Dragging 6-pound Tumor And Dumped At Shelter To Be Put Down Gets A Second Chance

Clyde the dog is only 1 year old, but he was dumped at a shelter to be euthanized because he was dragging around a 6 pound tumor.  Thankfully, the sweet puppy with a “heart of gold” has a second chance thanks to strangers.

Clyde was abandoned at the Gallatin County Animal Shelter in Sparta, Kentucky by his former owner who told the stunned staff to euthanize the young dog.

“He’s only a year … way too young for a death sentence,” Shari Wyenandt with HART Animal Rescue said. “Literally dropped off, instructed to euthanize, then he turned away, turned around and walked away.”

Clyde’s tumor didn’t appear overnight. In fact,  veterinarians believe the tumor has been growing for at least 6 months – that’s half of his life. Staff at the Gallatin County Animal Shelter didn’t want the sweet puppy’s life to be cut short and reached out to local rescues with a plea:

“URGENT. Explain to me how someone can watch this baby run around dragging this huge mess everyday. Then wait till he’s so much in pain and that mess is bleeding and dump him at a shelter and say kill him. This owner truly deserves to never be allowed to own another animal. This dog is a 1 year old shepherd/husky mix. He is adorable and he needs vet care NOW!”

HART Animal Rescue out of Cincinnatti, Ohio, answered the call and soon Clyde was at the Mason County Animal Hospital and undergoing surgery to remove the tumor.

As Clyde’s neglectful owner hadn’t even bothered naming him, the rescue gave him the name “Clyde”.

Clyde is now resting comfortably after his surgery and will find himself 6.4 pounds lighter! The tumor is currently getting a biopsy done so that everyone will know what they are dealing with in terms of his recovery, but one thing for sure, Clyde is finally in caring hands.

*This story will be updated as news becomes available.

If you would like to donate to Clyde’s medical care, visit HART Animal Rescue’s website and share Clyde’s story with your friends and family.