Adorable Puppy Can't Contain Her Joy Whenever She Goes Out Shopping

Adorable Puppy Can’t Contain Her Joy Whenever She Goes Out Shopping

This puppy may be the cutest shopping partner ever. With her big grin and enthusiastic expression, photos of Zira the Pembroke / Corgi Aussie mix, have gone viral after her human snapped a few pictures at her local Target store.

Zira the Corgi

The 5-month-old puppy sits in the shopping cart with the biggest grin on her face!

“We had taken her to Target one time before the viral posts, but she was so tired she just slept the whole time—so that was the first time she really got to see everything and meet shoppers,” Jesse, Zira’s human mom, tells

Although response to Zira’s adorable photos has been extremely positive, other dog owners let her know that Target is Service Animal Friendly only store and that  Zira’s presence in the store could expose service dogs and their owners to potential risk.

Realizing the mistake, Jesse apologized on social media and now helps spread awareness about service dog safety and pet-friendly stores. She makes sure to call ahead and check if a store allows pets, and advises other pet parents to do the same.

Here’s a picture of Zira during a recent visit to PetSmart.

“We have taken her to PetSmart several times since we got her — she was actually there the first day we brought her home,” Jesse tells “She was shy at first, but now she perks up and gets excited whenever we’re near PetSmart because she knows the smell!”

They’ve also paid a visit to Home Depot. Any time they venture out, Zira is up to the new adventure. “She’s always excited to go in the car with us,” says Jesse. “She loves adventures and shopping.”

“She wants to meet all the shoppers and employees wherever she’s at! We love that she’s so friendly.”

See more of Zira’s adventures on her Facebook page and Instagram.

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