Miranda Lambert Helps Rescue Over 200 Pets In Hurricane

Country music star Miranda Lambert pitched in to help save over 200 dogs, cats and other pets trapped by the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. The Texas native mobilized her rescue foundation, MuttNation, to travel to the affected areas and bring the pets back to their Oklahoma shelter for safety. Lambert, who was born and raised in Longview, Texas, shared that they managed to rescue 72 dogs in their first day from Harris County.

Instagram / @mirandalambert

The star and the animal charity she founded in 2009, have been rescuing dogs for several days in Texas and have been updating fans on their progress through Instagram.


Instagram / @muttnationfoundation

Lambert shared an adorable photo of a dog and seven tiny puppies after the mama gave birth right after being rescued. The country singer took home the newborn puppies and named the mama after fellow country singer, Ashley Monroe.

Instagram / @mirandalambert

MuttNation volunteers have been working tirelessly to transport dogs in shelters to make for other dogs displaced by the storm.

Instagram / @muttnationfoundation

They shared that several other rescues and shelters stepped forward to help them. “120 of our angels rescued from Houston were flown by Wings of Rescue yesterday thanks to The Humane Society of the United States to their final destinations! We will let you know which shelters soon! They are now in Wisconsin and Illinois! We are so thankful to everyone that has helped us make this possible!!!”


It’s exhausting, but rewarding work.

Thanks to Lambert and MuttNation, more than 200 pets will have a better chance at life after Hurricane Harvey. After several days of rescuing, Lambert received word she had received nominations for the Country Music Awards and wrote, “I’m so thankful. Especially after an emotional week in my home state. Country Music and animals is are my absolute life and my heart. Thank you fans,friends, family and Nashville for always supporting me.”


If you would like to support MuttNation and their rescue efforts, visit MuttNation.com for details.