Sweet Mama Dog Nurses Stray Kitten Found Thrown In Trash

A stray kitten in Greece is alive after finding a surrogate mom in a dog. In this heartwarming video, the hungry kitten is seen nursing alongside the dog’s own puppies.

According to the person who shot the video, the kitten had been abandoned and left to die in a garbage can.

“When I opened the trash can, I saw a newborn kitten tied inside a bag, hopelessly ‘mewing’ for help due to some irresponsible being, who had abandoned it there for a tragic death,” they wrote. “I took it out and the neighborhood dog that had just given birth kindly let it nurse.”

The female dog is seen wagging her tail, accepting the feline as one of her own. The Good Samaritan noted, “Nature fortunately made it so that animals are kinder compared to man.”

It’s not revealed what happened to the rescued kitten, but one thing is for certain, he is now in safe hands.