Man Wakes Up To Lynx With More Kittens Than He's Ever Seen Playing On His Porch

Man Wakes Up To Lynx With More Kittens Than He’s Ever Seen Playing On His Porch

Tim Newton woke up to noises on his deck and was astonished to see a mama lynx and her seven kittens! As soon as he saw the wild cats he grabbed his camera and hoped they visited for a while, and they did!

Tim lives in Anchorage, Alaska, near the forest, so he is regularly able to take photos of wildlife but he has never seen so many lynx before. His photos of the mom and her litter are so sweet and so adorable that they have since gone viral.

Tim shared the photos on Facebook and introduced them as follows:

“Tim was awakened by noises on our deck last week – and looked outside. In astonishment, he grabbed his camera… and can you believe it? Mama Lynx and her SEVEN kits!! She called to them and they all lined up right outside in front of where he was standing (he was inside the screen door!) Amazing ALASKA WILD LIFE!!! (They proceeded to run and play on our deck, and then in our yard!)”

“These seven kits were such a joy to watch playing on our deck,” he continued. “Mama was very watchful over them – taking a good long look at that nearby photographer and his clicking camera!”

Mama called for the kittens, “Mama Lynx calling them up on the deck one by one…after checking things out for a moment, it was… PLAYTIME!!”

One of the cubs was quite curious and noticed Tim snapping his pictures.

Just look at those big paws!

Tim was thrilled that the cats decided to stay awhile so he had a chance to take a lot of pictures.

He was even more thrilled when the kittens began to play.

“They were using the deck as a playground,” Tim told Channel 2. “And those cats were chasing each other, and frolicking, and crouching and running. Just back and forth, across that deck, for about a half-hour.”

The kittens would chase each other and pounce.

One kitten was amused by the petunias.

Although the kittens and mama could hear Tim’s camera shutter, they continued to play on his deck for a good half hour before moving onto the grass.

Tim jokingly said that after watching the kittens play that, “I’ve concluded from this that lynx must spend about 1 percent of their time chasing rabbits, and 99 percent of their time chasing each other.”

What a beautiful and amazing experience to witness. I’m glad Tim was able to capture it on camera.

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