Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Her Injured Owner's Side

Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Her Injured Owner’s Side

Milagro Muñoz Araya was on her way to work when she witnessed a dog desperately trying to catch someone’s attention. She was running across the road, frantic in her movements.

That’s when Araya and her husband stopped their car to see what was going on. As soon as they followed her, they spotted the dog’s owner lying on the ground. He had a cane lying next to him and looked like he had been fallen and hurt himself.

Araya and her husband ran over to help, and her husband called an ambulance, the Dodo reported.

Araya noted that the small dog never left her owner’s side and licked him “like she was telling him everything was going to be fine.”

It started to rain when the ambulance arrived, and when the man was loaded into the ambulance, his dog jumped in next to him, refusing to leave his side.

The dog sat by him and lay her head on his chest.

The paramedics allowed the dog to be with the man for a moment, but then Araya had to take the dog with them to the hospital because she was not allowed to ride in the ambulance.

Araya, who is a veterinarian in Costa Rica, says that the scene just reinforces the reasons she loves animals and defends them, writing it “”demonstrates once more the sincere and unconditional love of animals.”

Araya did check on the dog and the man a few days later and learned he had been released from hospital. She tracked them down and learned the two were living in a box in a van. She introduced herself and learned the man’s name was Don Jorge and his dog is Chiquita.

“Don Jorge was a little shy when talking he told me that Chiquita is his daughter because she always takes care of him,” Araya wrote on Facebook. “Chiquita between her lively wagging tail and bouncing all over the place told me she was happy to be next to her best friend again,” she said.

Araya was happy to see the two were okay, but sad to see them living in terrible poverty. Fortunately, Jorge has a “noble neighbor with a great heart, who takes care of them.” Wanting to help some more, Araya will be helping Chiquita by giving her a check up along with spaying and vaccinating her so she stays healthy.

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