Rescuers Refuse To Give Up On Stray Puppy Trapped Down Deep Well For Over A Week

Rescuers Refuse To Give Up On Stray Puppy Trapped Down Deep Well For Over A Week

A tiny puppy who was stuck down a deep hole for more than a week has finally been rescued. Rescuers were notified by residents that a puppy was trapped down a narrow borehole well in the town of Beykoz, Turkey.

Although it’s not known how the puppy ended up down the well, his rescue would prove challenging, as the hole was just under a foot in diameter and 200 feet (61 metres) deep.

But local firefighters and animal rescue organizations refused to give up on the puppy. After ensuring the puppy was still alive by lowering a camera down the hole, the rescuers set to work.

They placed a pneumatic climate tent and heating system over the well so that the dog would not be adversely affected by bad weather. They also lowered food down to him while they came up with a plan to save the dog.

Throughout the 10 days of attempts, media channels across Turkey covered the rescue, which brought it to the attention of the country’s Energy Minister, Berat Albayrak, who contacted a state-owned mining company for help.

The company had a special mechanized lasso that could be lowered into the hole and snag the puppy safely. Film cameras were on hand to catch the dramatic moment on camera!

Firefighters and rescuers broke into cheers and applause when the dog was finally lifted to the surface!

Amazingly, the puppy was in good health given his ordeal. The IMM Fire Department took the dog with them and named him “Kuyu”, which means “well” in Turkish.

IMM Fire Department

They also decided to keep him and give him a permanent home! Kuyu’s new home is now with Beykoz station of Istanbul Fire Department!

IMM Fire Department

The rescuers’ perseverance in saving Kuyu is amazing! I’m so glad they refused to give up.

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