Inconsiderate Driver Learns The Hard Way Not To Park In Disabled Parking Space

Have you ever wanted to send someone parking in a disabled parking space who is not a person with disabilities a strong message?

An inconsiderate driver in Brazil parked in one and when he returned he found his entire car had been plastered with bright blue paper. White post-its make the wheelchair sign on the side of his car.

In the video below, the crowd cheers and clap as the owner returns to his car and is clearly upset by what he finds. He can be seen angrily tearing off the paper before attempting trying to drive off. To cap it off, it looks like he was also given a ticket by a motorcycle cop.

In Sao Paulo, officials recently introduced warning tickets that look like fines to highlight the problem of people using dedicated parking spaces. The tickets can be printed off and issued by the general public for any car wrongly parked in a disabled person’s space.

But it looks like someone wasn’t satisfied with that solution and decided to take the public shaming to the next level.

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