Girl Serenades Foster Dog So She Doesn't Miss Her Mom

Girl Serenades Foster Dog So She Doesn’t Miss Her Mom

It’s not easy for families when a loved one has to go to a far away place to work and leave everyone behind. It can be especially hard for pets, who wonder where their humans have gone for long periods of time.

For Laila the Pit Bull and her mom, Petty Officer Second Class Baez, their separation was going to be especially difficult. Baez was facing a difficult situation after her foster plans for Laila fell through last minute and she was about to be deployed to the Middle East for a year!

But thankfully PACT For Animals learned about her predicament and came to the rescue. PACT For Animals is a non-profit group that helps military families and their pets in the event of military or medical emergencies.

They arranged for Laila to stay with a wonderful family in New Jersey. She’s even got a young foster “sister” who looks out for her and even sings her sweet lullabies! Just watch the adorable video below.

It looks like Laila is in good hands while her mom is away.