Little Girl And Her Deaf Rescue Dog Share Tender Bond

Little Girl And Her Deaf Rescue Dog Share Tender Bond

A little girl and her deaf Great Dane and warming hearts around the world. But it’s a friendship that almost didn’t happen.

Echo the Great Dane wouldn’t have survived puppyhood if she hadn’t been rescued. That’s because she was deaf (likely as the result of poor breeding), and her owner neglected her. So much so, that her former owner threatened to put her down because she felt the pup was “useless” and she was unable to deal with her.

Louisiana Great Dane Rescue stepped forward to save Echo, and Marion Dwyer stepped in to rescue her. Echo had been badly treated when she was rescued. She had been spayed too young and was found with a belly full of rocks because she had been starving.

But under Marion’s care, Echo grew healthy and thrived in her new home. Then, Marion became pregnant and Echo grew very attentive. It’s as if she knew a baby was on the way.

From the moment Jennie was born, the two instantly connected.

Echo and Jennie do everything together.

And when they go for a walk together, Jennie wants to be the one holding Echo’s leash. Watch them share an adorable walk together in the viral video below.

Neither pair speak, but their friendship speaks loud and clear!