Incredible Footage Shows The Ocean Frozen Over On Massachusetts Beach

It’s so cold in Massachusetts this winter that the ocean has frozen over! Massachusetts resident Ryan Canty was visiting his grandmother in Cape Cod and captured the incredible sight of the ocean covered in thick ice and snow for as far as the eye can see!

“The whole ocean was frozen in Cape Cod today,” writes Ryan Canty. “My grandmother said she’s only seen this happen 3 times in the 80 years she’s lived here.”

His grandmother has a home near Old Silver Beach in North Falmouth, MA. He captured the rare weather phenomenon with his family while they walked on the beach on January 7, 2018.

He also took spectacular drone footage which reveals just how far out the frozen ice goes…incredible!

Much of New England was hit with record snowfall and frigid temperatures as a nor’easter brought blizzard conditions to the eastern part of the United States.