Father Shares Heartwarming Conversation With Autistic Son

Father Shares Heartwarming Conversation With Autistic Son

This tender interaction between a father and his 16-year-old son with autism is warming people’s hearts and also helping people understand autism better.

The father (YouTuber Kimock7) shares a conversation he has with his son Chase as they hang out on a Sunday. “On occasion, he is super social and will beg me to do something for 48 straight hours such as “Anthony’s house,” explains Kimock7. “About 16 months ago, he got to visit my friend’s house and played nerf guns with three other kids his age and younger. To this day, he still talks about it and I still try to line up a date at that friend’s house with all the same kids, but that is really difficult to do cause they don’t have autism or special needs at all. Chase is quite unpredictable.”

As you will see in the video, the two share a close bond, and their interaction highlights the patience and care that someone needs in order to communicate with a person with autism. Dad has a beautiful, upbeat attitude and his gentle prompting of his son is beautiful to watch.

Many people watching have commented that they appreciate seeing the father and son together. “I am happy to see an honest post about about the less glamorous forms of autistic expression,” says one viewer. “I really enjoyed how the dad keeps the interaction light and fun. You can feel the love.”

His interaction reminds me of a similarly intimate video of a son interacting with his mom with Alzheimer’s. You can watch that touching video here.