Drivers Save Terrified Horse Running Loose on Houston Freeway

Drivers Save Terrified Horse Running Loose on Houston Freeway

A riderless horse is lucky to be alive after quick-thinking drivers on a Texas highway came to its aid.

Texas resident Stephania Lipp captured video of her partner Jesse Mattison and other drivers coming to the rescue of the horse on Houston’s Highway 69.

Lipp said she and her family had just entered Highway 69 when they saw the lone horse running on the freeway. As Mattison approaches they notice a female passenger in another vehicle trying to grab the horse by its reins from her window.

It’s a dramatic moment but fortunately the woman is able to secure the horse and lead it off the highway.

“They just saved that horse’s life,” Mattison is heard saying. Lipp said the family continued to follow the car as it led the animal away from the highway, and saw the apparent owner of the horse, with a second mount, talking to police.

Lipp told Storyful the horse had been spooked by the noise on the street and escaped from its handler, running onto the highway.

Thank goodness the drivers on the freeway took every precaution to save the horse! Watch the intense rescue in the video below.