Driver Busted With Mobile Phone And Tablet Attached To Steering Wheel

Driver Busted With Mobile Phone And Tablet Attached To Steering Wheel

The traffic cop couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he pulled over a motorist recently and looked down and the man’s steering wheel. There, attached to the steering wheel, was not only an iPhone but a tablet as well.

The mobile phone was hooked up to a charger and was attached to the wheel with zip ties. The tablet was wedged in between them.

Upon seeing the elaborate set up, Vancouver Police Department’s traffic unit tweeted a photo and wrote, “Can’t make it up.”

VPD Traffic Unit/Twitter

It appears that the Canadian driver got off easy as he was fined $81 for failing to produce his driver’s license but following “a lengthy conversation about road safety,” the officer did not issue a ticket for distracted driving, a police spokesman said in a statement.

“Based on the information collected during their conversation, our officer decided that educating the driver about the devices would be the most effective approach,” Const. Jason Doucette further stated.

A distracted driving ticket in British Columbia comes with a $368 fine.

It seems officers in the Canadian province are encountering all kinds of people unable to put down their electronic devices. Last month, a 51-year-old woman was fined after she was caught playing Pokemon Go while behind the wheel.

“While playing PokemonGO may be fun, it’s not worth risking your life or the lives of others so that you can play while driving,” Vancouver Police wrote.

It’s truly shocking how people will distract themselves when driving these days!

Please remind your loved ones to put their electronics away when driving. Not only will it make them safer for them, but it will make it safer for other drivers on the road.