These Two Dog Best Friends Don't Let A Silly Gate Keep Them Apart

These Two Dog Best Friends Don’t Let A Silly Gate Keep Them Apart

Ryker the German Shepherd couldn’t be more different than her best friend Bailey. Ryker is hyper and super sociable. Bailey is calm and more naturally reserved. But regardless of their differences the two have become besties and are always thrilled to see each other!

Take this video of the two meeting at the dog park. In it, Bailey has just arrived to the park and the moment Ryder sees her – she just can’t wait to say hello, attempting to crawl under the fence keeping them apart! And Bailey? She can’t wait for mom to hurry up and open the gate!

“[Ryker] cannot contain her excitement when she sees Bailey and is small enough to wedge herself under the [dog park] fence,” Christine Sauvé, Ryker’s mom, told The Dodo. “Then Bailey doesn’t care that the gate’s open and she shoves herself under too! They’re both so funny and are always making us laugh with the silly things they do. Anytime they see each other it’s this level of excitement.”

The two dogs first met online, when their families began following their Instagram pages. And when the dogs’ moms discovered they lived only 10 minutes away from each other, a playdate was soon arranged, and, well, the rest is history.

The two dogs, who both met when they were 1 year old, bring out the best in each other, Sauvé said.

“Ryker helped bring Bailey out of her shell and become more assertive and playful with other dogs. They’ve brought out the best in each other.”

Sometimes Ryker will encourage Bailey to have fun swimming. Mud bath anyone?

While Bailey encourages Ryker to relax on the couch.

Their love and affection for one another is clear in every photo.

Whatever this pair gets up to, they know they are each other’s BFFs, no matter what.

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