Doberman Adorably Picks Out His Own Treat At The Store

When it comes to shopping for treats this Doberman Pinscher is like a kid in a candy store. Kruz is at the pet store with his pet parents and is being so well behaved that dad tells him he can pick his own treat.

Kruz eagerly sweeps the treat aisle making sure to sniff every possible choice. He’s so happy and excited he just can’t make up his mind. He takes his time sniffing all the treats that he can get because he doesn’t want to make the wrong choice. As he sniffs and paces and goes through the aisle a couple times, he thinks he’s found the one. He keeps coming back and forth to sniff a pig ear treat.

Dad and mom pull it down for him (as Kruz is very polite and won’t jump up unless instructed) and he carries it in his mouth right to the cashier! He sets it right down on the counter to the cashier can scan it and picks it right back up when it is finished being scanned.

Kruz definitely knows his manners and was such a good boy in the store! He’s been so patient that his family unwraps it then and there so he can hold it in his mouth the rest of the walk back to the car.

Watch this cutie in action in the video below and share it with your friends.