Deer Tackles Man Walking Into Hotel

When Cary McCook told his friends that a deer had barreled into him when he was entering a hotel on April 1st, no one believed him, thinking it was an April Fool’s Day joke. That is, until he managed to get surveillance footage to prove his story.

Cary was dropped off by a coworker at the entrance of the Stork’s Nest Inn in Smithers, British Columbia, where he was hoping to spend a relaxing night after work. He exited the car and noticed a deer running straight towards him. Before he had any time to react, the deer head-butted the 25-year-old, knocking him to the ground!

Cary’s friends and family had a hard time believing the incident actually happened, but they changed their mind after seeing the video. Luckily, Cary only sustained only a sore shoulder from the deer’s unexpected charge. Only in Canada!

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