Car Dashcam Captures Bystanders Rescuing Elderly Couple Trapped In Burning Car

They saw the accident occur in front of their very eyes! When the video opens, a group of people have pulled to the side of the road in the Ingushetia Region of Russia, likely due to road trouble. But no one expected the dramatic events that occur just seconds later. While discussing what to do, the travelers’ rear dashcam captures a dramatic car crash (which happens at 0:44 in the video below).

A car is rear-ended by another vehicle and spins out of control, hitting the guard rail before coming to a stop just inches from the parked car. A young man rushes to the vehicle to try and open the door and get the people out, but he is startled when the car’s rear bursts into flames and he backs off, as an elderly gentlemen helps him.

Then, the older man races towards the burning car and attempts to get the three people trapped inside. Several other people act quickly to save the lives of the elderly couple and passenger in the car. The driver in the car that caused the accident is also rescued and pulled out. It’s a truly hair-raising rescue as you are about to see…