Abandoned Dog Only Lets Neighbor Touch Her After He Tells Her Rescuers Are Coming

“Kona’s family left her behind when they moved away…months later, we were called in to help,” says Hope For Paws about the small dog’s rescue. They received a call from the neighbor, Pollo, who had been feeding Kona for months. But during that entire time, she would not let him touch her. That is until the day Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte arrived.

Pollo is finally able to pet her on the head, and he tells them she only let him touch her after he told her rescuers were coming to save her.

Although Kona had been fed, she was dirty and matted and desperately needed some TLC, which is exactly what Hope For Paws gives her. She looks so different now, and thanks to her kind neighbor and the rescue team, she’s already found a home!