Abandoned Dog Who Cried Because She Was Grateful To See Her Rescuer Is Even Happier Now

Abandoned Dog Who Cried Because She Was Grateful To See Her Rescuer Is Even Happier Now

Callie was just one of hundreds of dogs Judy Obregon has saved from the notorious Echo Lake Park in Forth Worth, Texas. But not all the dogs she rescues react the way Callie did back in March 2017, when she limped over to Judy, whimpering with relief and with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

Judy, who is the founder of The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue, filmed the emotional moment when the dog realized she was being rescued. (Please wait a few seconds for the video below to load.)

Judy noticed a black string tied tightly around Callie’s neck and noted the other half was attached to a fence. Callie had likely been tethered and abandoned by her owners.

“We believe she chewed it off and managed to break away. When she realized she was in the middle of no where and dead dogs around her we assume she waited in the same spot she was abandoned,” Judy wrote on Facebook.

Judy regularly visits the park in search of a living dog in need of rescue. On this particular day, she found Callie.

Once Judy got Callie in the car, the dog instantly showed her appreciation by giving Judy a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Judy said, “Love how she gives kisses…again so forgiving, and another way of saying ‘Thank you for saving me’!”

After a trip to the vet, Callie was given a clean bill of health. Her sore leg was probably from bruising trying to break free of her tether.

The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue

Callie went to a foster home and immediately befriended another dog, Tanner, who was also rescued from Echo Lake.

“Tanner has been watching her today, since she got home from her spay surgery. While this photo was taken prior it goes to show she is not so much that scared little girl you witnessed on her rescue video,” Judy wrote on Facebook.

The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue

Once she healed from her spay surgery, Callie started making the rounds at adoption events and a few weeks later she went on a sleepover with a potential family and found her forever home!

The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue

Judy says Lucy really loves her new family and is so grateful that Callie/Lucy’s story has helped raise awareness “to the evil at Echo Lake”.

Now named Lucy, Lucy was adopted by a family who have adopted from TAO before and are clients at one of the rescue’s vets. “This means I get to see them often,” wrote Judy.

The Abandoned Ones Animal Rescue

It’s wonderful to see such a loving rescue dog survive such a terrible ordeal only to find a wonderful forever family a few months later.

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